Open Call for Contributions for SIG PRIME Collection

(Book Title TBA)

The special interest group “Practice and Research in Integrated Music Education”, SIG PRIME, was founded in 2006 and is devoted to promoting "sound learning" in the broadest sense: by giving music a meaningful presence in all branches of education, and this in a systematic manner. Its initiators and members celebrate the educational potential of music for all teachers, be they musically trained or not. The SIG’s convenor is Prof. Markus Cslovjecsek.

In order to offer a concrete, highly visible platform for reporting about activities, collecting knowledge, communicating scientific results and showcasing best practices in integrated music education, SIG PRIME is preparing the publication of a comprehensive collection of articles in a new book. 

The goal of this book is to make this community, its activities and achievements, visible. It will present a significant milestone in the process of advancing the cause of SIG PRIME and of providing the community a stronger profile.

The topics of the collection cover cultural values, advocacy, educational policy, integration, learning from children, and others. We plan to separate the book into several thematically focused parts: 

  • The first part provides a comprehensive understanding of the current social, cultural and political situation, in which PRIME finds itself and the related opportunities, challenges and questions. 
  • A second part is devoted to research, including methodologies. Of particular interest are topics related to the development of teaching material, the use of new technologies and the inquiry into authentic experience of children. 
  • A further section will focus on hands-on case descriptions and case studies. 

It is suggested, that submissions are aimed at one of those parts. Possible contributions are original contributions as well as unpublished, or substantially revised previous work. In the case of uncertainty on whether and how to fit an article, feel free to contact the editors.

The collection will be published by Lang, International Publisher of Sciences, Bern. The submissions will be reviewed both by the publisher and by peers. It is foreseen that this new book will appear in the series “MOUSIKAE PAIDEIA”, whose first volume, entitled “Integrated Music Education: Challenges for Teaching and Teacher Training”, is currently in press. Below the short description of this publication: 

"Schools are generally oriented on discipline-based programs and therefore students often accumulate fragmented knowledge disconnected from real-life concerns. The seventeen contributors of this work suggest that music offers a high road to developing a more appropriate integrated education. They present a variety of views on Integrated Music Education rooted on Western – and other – cultural traditions, settled on several interdisciplinary models and integrated arts curricula, inspired by psychological concepts and based on recent teaching experiments as well as original researches. In this innovative book, the reader is invited to outrun the opposition between “Education in Music” and “Education through Music” exploring the opportunities tendered by Integrated Music Education thanks to a constant movement from the theoretical roots through a precise description of teaching activities to the benefits for students in terms of integration of knowledge, personal development, and social and cultural belonging. And how about schools facing the challenges of this method? Here is a lead on teacher training."


Submission details

Chapter proposals of about 500 words and short bio (name, affiliation) in English to be submitted to the editors at one of the email addresses below. Abstracts will be peer reviewed by members of the editorial board. Decisions will be made after the ISME 2014. Upon acceptance, full guidelines will be furnished. The chapters (6000 Words) will be peer reviewed. 

Please address any questions or queries to the editors at one of the email addresses below.



Markus Cslovjecsek,

Daniel Hug:


University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
School of Teacher Education
Professur Musikpädagogik im Jugendalter