sigPRIME elevator pitch INVITATION

The open session on Tuesday evening (6-7pm Bar 360, Hilton Hotel) is aimed at letting people know about the Commissions, Forum and SIGs and how they can get involved.

I will have 30 seconds to present sigPRIME.  Please join in. I’ll try to get everybody involved. 


11.9.2018 EAS Conference Call for proposals markus.cslovjecsek
27th EAS Conference from May 15 - 18th 2019 in Malmö.
17.7.2018 A window into the ISME conference markus.cslovjecsek
In this Blog we share some glimpses into the conference. 
13.7.2018 sigPRIME elevator pitch INVITATION markus.cslovjecsek
6.7.2018 NEW Publication on INTEGRATED MUSIC EDUCATION markus.cslovjecsek
NOTE: The publisher offers a 30% discount durin
28.6.2018 45 Submissions accepted in SIG PRIME strand at ISME 2018 daniel.hug
45 submissions have been accepted for the SIG PRIME strand of the upcoming