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Markus Cslovjecsek, Madeleine Zulauf (eds.)

Integrated Music Education - Challenges of Teaching and Teacher Training

Peter Lang Publishers, Bern, 2018. 418 pp., 29 fig. b/w, 2 tables

MOUSIKÆ PAIDEIA Music and Education/Musik und Bildung/Musique et Pédagogie. Vol. 1 pb.

ISBN 978-3-0343-0388-0



  • Why This Book? Invitation to a Journey by Markus Cslovjecsek and Madeleine Zulauf
  • The School’s Disciplinary Learning Scaffold: A Challenge for Integrated Education by Rudolf Künzli
  • The Intertwining of Music, Education, and Integration by Madeleine Zulauf and Markus Cslovjecsek
  • Integrating Arts Performance and Education in Communities of Practice: A Brazilian Experience by Joan Russell
  • Thinking and Learning in South Indian Music by Ludwig Pesch
  • Making Connections: Avant-garde Visual Artists and Varèse by Colleen Richardson
  • Cooperative Learning in Music: Music Education and the Psychology of Integration by Frits Evelein
  • Music / Arts / Language Interdisciplinary Intervention: Cultural, Linguistic, and Artistic Development in Francophone Minority Communities by Anne Lowe and Monique Richard
  • Promoting Spirituality Through Music in the Classroom by Diana Harris
  • Interdisciplinarity Based on a Deep Understanding of Disciplinarity: Benefits for Students’ Self-Development by Dagmar Widorski
  • Considering Frameworks for Integrating Music and the Arts by Kari Veblen  Cross-Curricular Approaches in Music Teaching by Jonathan Barnes 
  • Activities Which Use and Unveil Cultural Artifacts by Smaragda Chrysostomou, Colleen Richardson, and Joan Russell 
  • Activities Which Explore Links Between Music and One Other Subject by Markus Cslovjecsek, Ludwig Pesch, and Joan Russell
  • Activities Which Develop From the Learners’ Presence by Anke Böttcher, Frits Evelein, and Diana Harris
  • Conceptions of Integrated Music Education: Models in Dialogue by Madeleine Zulauf and Peter Gentinetta
  • When Teachers Meet Specialists: Retrospect on the Symposium ‘Practice and Research in Integrated Music Education’ as a Form of Professional Development by Hermann Gelzer and Helmut Messner 
  • Lessons Taken From the Journey: Where Next? by Madeleine Zulauf and Markus Cslovjecsek



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