ISME Wednesday

A new day to start in ISME 2018,

for me by the symposium on International perpsectives on advocacy for music teaching and learning, under policy: culture, education and media commission, with five presenters: Peter Richard Webster, Chad West, Susan O'Neill, Bradley Merrick, Mario Antonio Toledo and Andreas Lehmann-Wermser. The room is quite full.

Peter Webster starts with a quote to Bennet Reimer.. and music as a potential for the society. Now I am directing my focus for the presentation. In the afternoon there are Prime sessions to attend and chair, and other issues. In the evening there will be the dinner of the Finnish group.

Have a nice day!


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Eric Sieh, a young school principal from NY City presented the work in his public secondary school that works along Big Ideas. He showed us the concept and gave us the opportunty to dive a little bit in his fascinating school. Then we where invited to plan an adventure to the topic of migration. Lively discussions and surprising insight in the possibilities of the us educational system. 

After this i had to prepare my presentation about the book project. In this book we just try do be realistig and wie stick with the possibilities our european school systems give do develop an integrated music education. Liveliy discussions with the participants and getting the feeling, that the book gives a good basis for the deep and critical discussion of integrated music education.

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Today I participated a workshop by prof. Louhivuori from Finland, to lead a workshop under the title "Music mat encouraging collaborative and embodied music learning". At the workshop, a bridge from the indegenious cultural behavior was constructed in an interesting way towards the needs of the development of music education towards the future needs, supported by "hidden" technology. I do agree on Louhivuori's idea to create natural communicative embodied ways of music education to serve the needs of everyday music consumers...

We also heard prof. Gary McPherson's Keynote, A Life's journey through music. A similar kind of view towards the aims of music education could be recognized under these both speeches. The philosophy to direct the music education and the educator's work is important: we should be able to answer the question "Why" to be aware how and what we do, to whom?

Cultural themes appear to be strong under SIG Prime. In the afternoon, several presentations can be set under the theme of culture. Thus, the aim to be aware of whom and why can be shared within the Prime group, and maybe also all the ISME members.. at some level, at least.

Looking forward to the last day with the closing seremony, towards the Conference 2020 to be held in Finland.

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To end the conference thoughts according to ISME 2018, I still wanted to share my joy and happiness about ISME 2018 in Baku. In general, the conference was a bit different than the prior giant ones, as there was a smaller number of participants (700). It consequenced as a feeling of a stronger presence and a feeling of a better focus, even if it was busy like always.

The conference participants were very active, and the quality of presentations in general was really high. I remain in happiness and gratitude of these huge opportunities opened via the ISME community. Music educators and researchers tend to put more emphasis on the hollistic impacts of music, to look for answers for question Why?, which Gary MacPherson considered important in his keynote.

Looking forward to the collaboration towards ISME 2020 Helsinki, and all the interesting projects before that.