On the way to Baku

on the way to Baku, enjoying one evening in Istanbul and testing the blog function on my mobile. Let’s see and join in to share sigPRIME experiences, ideas, visions and questions. I’ve just got the information about the elevator pitch I’ve shared in the news and thinking to do a very short and banal activity that can go in different directions of integration in the minds of the participants.... maybe just one bar from the mandiako song?


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on Tuesday Juli 17 6-7pm the President Elect Susan O'Neill hosts a session where all the commissions and SIG will present themselves in a 90 second elevator pitch. A good opportunity to learn more about the whole ISME community.


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Now it is the time!

Let's hope we will have lots of participants under the SIG Prime sessions under this beautiful city of Baku!

We have a full day of presentations, today in Hilton.


See you,


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Great to see the first reports on the blog, I wish you a great week with lots of exciting moments and new acquaintances!